The Boston Foundation: 102 Years Old, and New Again!

The Boston Foundation: 102 Years Old, and New Again!

Group News posted in on 15 November 2017| comments
audience: The Boston Foundation | last updated: 15 November 2017

This week, the staff and Board of Directors of the Boston Foundation will throw open our doors to hundreds of our closest friends, welcoming them to our Annual Meeting.

But we’ll welcome them to a very different space than we had a year ago.

This summer, we made a major move, from the 10th floor of our longtime home at 75 Arlington Street in Boston's Back Bay to the 3rd floor. It wasn't just to shorten our elevator rides. The new facility afforded us the opportunity to redesign our offices to accommodate our growing staff more effectively and expand the resources we can offer the Greater Boston communities we serve.

Civic Leadership Fund eventThe most striking change will be evident to any repeat attendees at Annual Meeting: the new Paul and Sandra Edgerley Center for Civic Leadership, our lobby and convening space. The specially designed space boasts increased capacity for large events, such as Understanding Boston forums, increased flexibility for nonprofit meetings and events, updated audio-visual equipment and improved seating. We continue to make this improved space available for local nonprofits, part of our efforts to support and strengthen the community.

We also feature a pair of new displays in the lobby capturing the history of the Boston Foundation, highlighting more than 100 organizations for whom we were “There at the Beginning,” providing early-stage funding for some of Boston’s most important nonprofit ventures, and recognizing the Foundation’s leadership donors.

Elsewhere, in our main office space, new conference rooms (which maintain the convention we used upstairs of naming rooms after neighborhoods) provide improved spaces for staff to meet with donors, partners, grantees and others. A new kitchen and lounge space, the Longley Café, provides an improved gathering and social space for staff.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new physical space. You might also notice our new virtual space as well! This month, we relaunched the and websites, featuring new navigation and a cleaner and more modern design. The most important changes, though, come under the hood. The site uses updated technology to provide an improved user experience for both desktop and mobile users. The new technology will also make it easier for our web staff to create new elements in response to immediate needs, launch new sites, and more effectively handle images, videos, and documents.

We hope you enjoy the new, and we look forward to seeing you in our new space.

Just don’t push the “10” button in the elevator.

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