Spring is here. At least technically. And at least the news is blooming.

Spring is here. At least technically. And at least the news is blooming.

Newsletter issue posted in on 23 March 2018
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National Publication Highlights

Time to Revisit Your Bequest Program
The new tax law has forced us to change the way we plan and to review the way we may have planned in the past. Even the simple bequest has changed for many, and all advisors should be on the alert to review and re-envision how they are structured. - read more

CGNA: Chapter 4 - Pass-through Entities, Advanced - Part 3 of 3 + Additional Resources
We come to the end of our advanced undertaking of gifts of pass-through entities. - read more

IRS and Other News from Around the Web
Talking about philanthropy from around the web. The story changes and stays the same. - read more

Upcoming Conferences
Conferences and Events that should be interesting to our readers. - read more

7520 Rate for April Up at 3.2%
For purposes of determining the present value of an annuity, an interest for life or a term of years, or a remainder or a reversionary interest, the applicable federal rate under section 7520 for April 2018 is 3.2%; up from March. - read more




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7520 Rates:  September 3.4%  August 3.4% July 3.4%

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